Fitness is like LIFE
Harder it gets … Stronger you become

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Monthly Membership offers the convenience of monthly payments with the option to cancel anytime.* Quarterly Membership offers low monthly payments with a short obligation period.* Half-yearly membership offers lower monthly payments with a longer commitment period.* Paying your membership dues in one sum up front let’s you avoid monthly payments and just enjoy the gym as much as possible.*
Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 6,500/- Rs. 13,000/- Rs. 15,000/-
Diet Consultation with Chart Free ●  3 Diet Consultation with Free Diet Chart
●  3 Steam Baths
●  1 Massage Free
●  6 Diet Consultation with FREE Diet Chart Monthly
●  6 Steam Baths
●  3 Massages FREE
●  FREE Diet Consultation With Diet Chart
●  Unlimited Steam Baths
●  8 Massages FREE
●  4 Personal Training Classes FREE for 1 Month
3 Days per Week 6 Days per Week
3,000/- 6,000/-

*T&C Applicable